Purchase steps at a glance

purchase method

Purchase steps with more details :

  • 1

    select the carpet

    ♦ You can choose your favorite carpet or pictorial rug between the products.

    ♦ If you like other design that you don’t see that in products , you can send the picture of that design and ask the availability of that rug from us .

    Free advisement :  you can use our free advisement to have better choice ( by what’s app or other contact ways ).

    Free designing : you can send your place that you want to use the rug there ( specially for pictorial carpets ) and ask us to design your favorite pictorial carpets there ( it is free for everyone) and then we send you the designed picture ( your place + pictorial carpet ) so you can easily choose the best one.

  • 2

    Pricing and details

    exact price : Because of price fluctuation , you can ask the exact price by contacting us.

    also the price depends on :

    1) your address (country , city ) changes the shipping cost.

    2) with frame or without it (in pictorial rugs) changes the shipping cost.

  • 3


    confirmation : you finalize your order by confirming :

    ♦ The carpet or pictorial carpet that you have selected.

    ♦ your exact address.

    ♦ with frame or without frame ( in Persian pictorial rugs ).

  • 4


    After finalizing your order we send your invoice with below details :

    ♦ Sender ( pezeshki carpet ) and receiver ( customer ) informations.

    ♦ The carpet or pictorial carpet name and price.

    ♦ Tax and shipping cost.

    ♦ The carpet’s exact Specifications.

    ♦ The payment link ( you can do your payment by master card , visa card , paypal and…).

    ♦ In this step you confirm the details of Invoice and do your payment and send us your payment receipt.

  • 5


    Required documents : At firs we require you some documents like PAN card and Passport photo ( you send us by what’s app) , we give them to the DHL to do the customs clearance .

    We prepare suitable ( water proof , anti shock ,…)  package for your carpet .

    We give the package to the transportation company and send you the receipt of the transportation company.

  • 6

    Tracking code

    After we give your carpet to the transportation company we share you :

    1)  Transportation company reciept.

    2) After few days we send you DHL post Tracking code.

    By tracking your package in DHL website you will see the details of the shipping process and also the day that you will deliver your package.

    ♦ I takes about 15 days that you deliver your carpet in your address (It contaise customs clearance by DHL post that takes about 7 days in your country ). for example : 7 days transportating + 7 days customs clearance = 14 days

    ♦ DHL post will manage the customs clearance for you.

  • 7

    Delivering the order

    By delivering your package , DHL will ask you just some money ( for tax or customs clearance …).

    Now you have your beautiful carpet in your home!

My Dear Friend , in all the steps we are in contact with you , we are beside you!

purchase method

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