hand knotted tabriz carpet

Size : pair 1* 1/5 meters ( totally 3 meters )

raj ( knot per 7 cm) : 40 ( exactly 36 )

Designe : khatibi

Flowers : silk

border :  silk

background :  silk

Based on : silk

Carpet code : 15

Price: Due to price fluctuations, you can contact the following phone number to know the updated and accurate price

Telephone number: +989146543441 (‌ pezeshki )

Khatibi handmade carpet of 1.5 meters 

Tabriz Khatibi carpet designe is one of the most expensive and patterned designs among the tabriz handmade carpets.

In addition, this size is used for small areas.

High texture density, abundant patterns and beautiful design of handmade Tabriz Khatibi carpet 1/5 meter , has made this design one of the special and luxury-friendly designs between the 1/5 meters carpets of Tabriz.

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