Persian handmade pictorial carpets

About Pezeshki carpet ( Iran Tabriz Carpet )

pictorial carpet

Iran Tabriz Carpet has started it’s work since 1998 by the management of Mr.


first , we had activity just in IRAN but it’s few years that we introduce and present our

products ( Persian handmade carpets and pictorial carpets ) to all people in each country by website.

luxurious pictorial carpets

if you want to know the purchase method of pezeshki carpet click here and if you have other question , you can find your answer by clicking the frequently questions button.

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Handmade Persian rugs

pictorial carpet

Best quality

The carpets and pictorial rugs are our produces and are originaly tabriz carpets. we present you the best hand knotted carpets directly from Tabriz city of IRAN.


We present you our products withe the lowest price and that’s because we are the producer and you purchase from the producer directly from Tabriz city of IRAN!

International purchase

you can purchase from wherever you are. we send your order by express post and you deliver your order within 15 days. with express post we are beside you!