tabriz handmade olya carpet

Carpet size: pair 1/5 meter (pair one and a half meters)

Tissue density or raj (knot per 7 cm): 40 ( exactly 36 or 37 )

Design Name: olya

Weaving materials: first-class wool and silk

Material of yarn: wool and silk

based on : wool

In addition, this design is also available individually  in Raj of 50

Price: Due to price fluctuations, you can contact the following phone number to know the updated and accurate price

Telephone number: +989146543441 (‌ pezeshki )

tabriz handmade olya carpet of pair 1.5 meters 

The above Tabriz handmade carpet of pair 1.5 meters is one of the popular designs and at a reasonable price.

Reasonable price, light color and beautiful design of above Tabriz handmade carpets of 1.5 meters has made this design one of the best-selling designs of handmade carpets in Tabriz.

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